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About Japan Comprehensive Cancer Network, Breast (JCCNB)


The rate of breast cancer has continued to rise in Japan and is now the most common form of cancer among females. Each year, 40,000 Japanese women develop breast cancer and the resulting number of deaths has risen to 10,000.
Clearly breast cancer has become one of the most serious diseases for Japanese women.
In the United State and Europe, however, where the rate of breast cancer is three times higher than that in Japan, the death rate has been decreasing since around 1990, thanks to the introduction of clinical trials and other systematized treatment based on evidence-based medicines as well as public awareness programs.

It is now incumbent upon Japan to establish close ties with representative organizations and entities overseas to make this same level of world-class medical treatment available in Japan.

In June 2005, the Japan Comprehensive Cancer Network, Breast (JCCNB) will begin operating as a nonprofit organization with the purpose of reducing breast cancer in Japan. JCCNB will provide a network through which patients, clinical doctors, researchers, government officials and others exchange information and carry out cancer treatment programs. By fulfilling this mission, the Japan Comprehensive Cancer Network, Breast will aim to provide treatment providers and receivers alike with up-to-date information and support services, ultimately to help breast cancer patients maximize the quality of their lives.



The Japan Comprehensive Cancer Network, Breast will undertake a variety of activities to facilitate world-class medical treatment for breast cancer patients in Japan.

  1. Information
    Information regarding breast cancer in Japan and overseas, such as the latest information from the American Cancer Society, will be collected and disseminated for the benefit of people including patients and medical professionals.
  2. Guidelines for Breast Cancer Treatment
    JCCNB will promote awareness of guidelines for breast cancer treatment. This will include providing information on the National Comprehensive Cancer Networkユs breast cancer treatment guidelines which the NCCN issues in the United States every August. JCCNB will translate the guidelines and add comments to explain the differences between guidelines in Japan and the United States.
  3. International conferences and symposiums
    In cooperation with associated bodies and organizations, JCCNB will organize international conferences and symposiums in order to develop the environment where medical treatments that meet international standards will be delivered promptly.
  4. Clinical trials
    JCCNB, with the active participation of patients, will promote clinical trials in response to the needs and requirements of clinical practices. This will include disseminating information on clinical trials in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, as well as the names of the institutions and contents involved and details of the trials.
  5. Laws and regulations
    JCCNB will study laws and regulations governing the medical and pharmaceutical fields and develop proposals for improvement.
  6. Assistance in selecting treatments
    JCCNB also provides assistance in selecting treatments for special group of patients, including Japanese working or living overseas and people taking part in clinical trials.



Chief Executive Director : Seigo Nakamura, Soichiro Tahara
Director of Secretariat : Seiko kubo
Executive Directors : Mr. Futoshi Akiyama, Mr. Hiroji Iwata, Mr. Shigeru Ueda, Mr. Izumi Ohkubo, Mr. Shinji Ohno, Ms. Seiko Kubo, Mr. Katsumasa Kuroi, Mr. Soichiro Tahara, Mr.Kouichiro Tsugawa, Ms. Kie Nakamura, Mr. Seigo Nakamura, Mr. Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Auditor : Mr. Shunsuke Haga
Adviser : Mr. Masaharu Ito, Mr. Goi Sakamoto, Mr. Shigeaki Hinohara, Mr. Teijiro Furukawa,  Ms. Mayumi Honda, Mr. Hidefumi Matsui, Mr. Fujio Mitarai



Corporations, organizations and individuals interested in the mission and activities of JCCNB will be welcome to be members for a subscription fee. Donations are also accepted.

  1. Annual subscriptions
    Corporations and organizations: \500,000/share
    Individuals: \30,000/share
  2. Donations
    JCCNB is now accepting donations to help defray initial set-up costs. Occasional donations and donations for earmarked for specific activities or programs are also accepted.